Prize for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention

Berlin, Januar 30, 2013

Robert Koch dedicated his scientific work both to fundamental research and to applied
infection prevention issues. He characterised his activities as follows: “My examinations were performed in the interest of health care to which, as I hope, its greatest benefit will accrue.”

The Robert Koch Foundation is committed to the legacy of Robert Koch with regard
both to fundamental research and to applied infection control. This is why, for the
first time, the Robert Koch Foundation will be awarding a “Prize for Hospital Hygiene
and Infection Prevention” in 2013. The new prize will be supported both financially
and in terms of contents by B. Braun Melsungen AG.

Definition of purpose
In Germany, approx. 500,000 patients contract hospital infections each year, more than 10,000 cases of which are fatal. These statistics indicate that advanced medicine has reached its limits. Improvements in the implementation of hospital hygiene and the development of new strategies in therapy and the prevention of nosocomial infections are urgently needed.

This is why the Robert Koch Foundation has announced a prize honouring excellent scientific work and practical measures in the field of hospital hygiene and infection prevention. The prize, endowed with 50,000 €, addresses health institutions such as hospitals or rehabilitation clinics and scientific institutes, and also individuals. Projects concerning topics in the area of reducing nosocomial infections and combating multi‐resistant pathogens are given special consideration.

The following criteria are applied in selecting the prize‐winners:

  • Creating efficient organisational structures to register hospital infections and
    monitor infections and the occurrence of pathogens, and for quality assurance
  • Improving diagnostics, standardisation and epidemiology
  • developing new therapeutic strategies
  • Improving the prevention of nosocomial infections and the spread of pathogens that
    are resistant to antibiotics, especially in intensive medical care of patients and through
    the development of lead indicators to identify infections
  • Activities and measures aimed at preventing infections caused by multi‐resistant

In addition to paying tribute to the work of prize‐winners already published in past years, the prize is also intended to contribute to stimulating new projects in the field it concerns.

Together with a short curriculum vita of the author or the spokesperson for the group
nominating him or her and a list of publications and an application (link to the form),
nominations are to be transmitted to the head office of the Robert Koch Foundation,
Müllerstr. 178, attn. Ms. Christine Howarth, P.O.B. RKS, D‐13342 Berlin, Germany.
Direct nominations will also be accepted.

Nomination deadline
All nominations will be considered that the head office of the Robert Koch Foundation has received by the 12th April 2013.

The Jury comprises members of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Robert Koch
Foundation. In addition, individuals with special expertise, e.g. in the field of clinical
microbiology and virology, are to belong to the jury.

Prize award
The prize‐winner is to present his or her work at a ceremony organised by the Robert Koch Foundation. The prize will be awarded during the event. The ceremony is to take place in Berlin on the 4th September 2013.