The Robert Koch Foundation announces the 2011 laureates

Robert Koch Awards 2011 for pioneer research in the fields of microbiology and molecular biology and for major contributions to a sustainable development of the German and European Science System

Berlin, February 17, 2011

The Robert Koch Foundation will honour Professor Jorge Galán, chair of “Microbial Pathogenesis” at the Boyer Center for Molecular Medicine of the Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, USA, with the renowned Robert Koch Award 2011 endowed with 100.000 € and Professor Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker, Secretary General of the international “Human Frontier Science Program Organization” (HFSPO), Strasbourg, France, with the Robert Koch Gold Medal 2011.

The Robert Koch Award Ceremony will take place on November 11, 2011 at the Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences under the patronage of Philipp Rösler, the German Federal Minister of Health.

Professor Galán will be awarded for his fundamental research in the field of microbiology, especially for the molecular analysis of the infection process. With his pioneer research on mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis he contributed substantially to the foundation of the cellular microbiology as a scientific field.

Professor Winnacker will be honoured for his research contributing to the development of the molecular biology and genetic engineering describing life processes on the molecular level. With his lifelong scientific experience and as a member of different national and international research associations and organizations his work had an important impact on the international research in the field of life sciences and he contributed to a sustainable development of the German and European Scientific System.